Sitting here, looking at pictures of Ischma. Since she came to us, we have had a lot of problems with keeping her weight. At the moment it seems like we finally succeed.

Ischma’s and Hilda’s breeder took Ischma with on a dog show in Sweden. After that trip Ischma has changed. She has gained weight, she don’t run of anymore, she actually listen when we call for her, she want to cuddle more, be close to us all the time and she has became a very happy dog. What happened to my girl?

Before this dog show, Ischma didn’t like Hilda. Hilda wasn’t allowed to come close to her and Ischma didn’t wanna play with Hilda. Now Ischma loves to play with Hilda and she is teasing Hilda all the time. Ischma has really changed. I wont complain, because I like this new Ischma;)

Ischma has also started to eat a lot more, she has become easier and calmer, and of course Ischma is getting fat.

I suspect that Ischma had her period, and we didn’t notice it. Who knows? Anyway, my girl has changed a lotlately;)

Below you find some pictures of Ischma and Hilda. They are taken in May. Ischma is 2 years and Hilda was 5 months.