Finally I’m back. Havnt bloged for ages. Got to do something about that.

This weekend there was a dog show close to where we live.  I had enteren 4 dogs in the dog show; Tascha, Dibah, Puma and Ischma. I pulled Dibah cus of her period.

Saturday: Tascha became 2nd Best Bitch with her 4th certification. The judge was Rajko Rotner. He had this to say about Tascha:

Exc type. Good expr. Nice head. Exc builded body. Chest well developed. Exc front. Exc ang and moving. Exc representated.

Ischma became number 3 in juniorclass. The judge was Knut Fr Blütecher. He said this about Ischma:

Fem junior bitch on 13 months. A bit small. Fem good head. Exc expr. Small nice ears. Good neck. Good topline. Normal ang in front and behind. A bit high tail fast. Prima depth in body, but wish a bit more developed ribbs. Okey moves from the side. Stabil in front and behind. Nice fur and feets. Wish more weight.

Puma became number 2 in junior class for Knut Fr Blüetcher. He said this about her:

Longlined junior bitch on 9 mnth. G head and expr. A bit big ears. G neck for her age. Prima depth. Very nice underline. Very flat topline. Harmonious ang in front and behind. Very fallen in the croup. G moves from the side for her age, but unstable in front. Prima blac fur. G legs and feets.

On Saturday we showed up once again.

Tascha became BOB and BOG with her 5th certification. The judge was Ver Hubenthal, and she said this about Tascha:

Fem head. Could have a bit more marked stop. Ecx neck. Well dev body. Corr croup. G legs and ang. Moves very well. G pigmentation. OK spots. exc temp.

Puma became 2nd Best Bitch with certification for Brith Schoene Brodwall. This is what she said about Puma:

Avery promisinhg young lady. Beautiful head with nice expr. Nice ears. Well ang and well builded body. Beautiful siluet and topline. Elegant moves from the side. A bit unstable in front. g fur and temp.

Ischma became 3rd Best Bitch with cert quality for the same judge. This is what the judge said:

A very promising young lady. Beautiful head with a nice expr and nice ears. Well ang and well builded body. Nice topline. Elegant moves from the side. Nice fur and temp.

This was a very nice weekend for us. Still celebrating;) Here comes some pics from the weekend.