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Few pics of the dogs

I took these snapshots of my dogs. Ain’t they cute?

Puma is a bit to big for one chair, so she have to use 2 chairs to sleep. She has become a big girl now.



Cus of the problems with the blog I wont be able to share pictures with you. I am so sorry. Pictures will be out as fast as possible.

Hurdal 2008

We were on our first dog show only for greyhounds May 10th and May 11th. The dog show was on Hurdal and it was so beautiful there. There was a small lake side by side with the place.

We showed Ischma and Puma. On Saturday on of Ischmas’s breeders showed Ischma for me. I showed Puma myself.

Ischma was the first one. She went out of the ring with blue. No surprise. Then it was time for Puma. She went out of the ring with yellow. That was a very big surprise. It was her first official dog show (the puppy shows is unofficial).

Heres the criticts from Saturday:

Ischma: 13 month old bitch of good type. Feminine head. Beautiful neck. Ang OK in front and back, but miss more body for the breeds typical lines. Hope the future improves the situation.

Puma: 9 month old bith who untypical for her breed. No-typical prop, not either typical lines or moves, Very nice temperament.

Kennel Another Story also became BIS Breeders (one class with 4 dogs from their breed and one class with mother and 4 of her puppies).

Ischma thought the show was fun ans looked stupid when she did run.

On Sunday I chosed to show Ischma myself. Pumas breeder showed Puma. And everything went so much better. There was 6 in Junior Class.

Puma went out of the ring as number 4 of 6. Ischma ended up as number 2 with Cert Quality. I was so happy. Ischma ran like a dream. I have never showed here when she has been so calm.

Here are the critics:

Ischma: Elegant and fem light red bitch of 13 month. Very nice head and expr. Forward set shoulder. Good forechest. Nice clean front. G bone an feet for her size. Ex topline but rather steap in croup. Medium ang in hindq. Nice free mover, but rather untidy in front act.

Puma: Substantion black bitch of 9 month. Beautiful head and expr. Foreward set shoulder. Ex forechest. Well set back upperarm. Ex bone and feet. Very flat over the topl. Nicely ang hindq. Moved reasonable well.

And Another Story became BIS2 and BIS breederclasses (BIS2 with mum with puppies and BIS with 4 dogs from the breeder).

And not to forget the pics:


The pages of my dogs is updates with pictures and finished. And I did get alot of help. Thank you killswitch!!!

Now I finally can start bloging. In few days I’ll update the blog with some¬†pictures.

New blog

Welcome to my new blog everyone. This blog will be in English! Here I’ll share pictures, critics and lots of other stuff.

I will share pictures from dog shows, trips and so on with you here. Every time we have been on a dog show I will share the critics with you and how it ended.

I really hope you like this blog. If you miss something please tell me then:)