Sitting here, looking at pictures of Ischma. Since she came to us, we have had a lot of problems with keeping her weight. At the moment it seems like we finally succeed.

Ischma’s and Hilda’s breeder took Ischma with on a dog show in Sweden. After that trip Ischma has changed. She has gained weight, she don’t run of anymore, she actually listen when we call for her, she want to cuddle more, be close to us all the time and she has became a very happy dog. What happened to my girl?

Before this dog show, Ischma didn’t like Hilda. Hilda wasn’t allowed to come close to her and Ischma didn’t wanna play with Hilda. Now Ischma loves to play with Hilda and she is teasing Hilda all the time. Ischma has really changed. I wont complain, because I like this new Ischma;)

Ischma has also started to eat a lot more, she has become easier and calmer, and of course Ischma is getting fat.

I suspect that Ischma had her period, and we didn’t notice it. Who knows? Anyway, my girl has changed a lotlately;)

Below you find some pictures of Ischma and Hilda. They are taken in May. Ischma is 2 years and Hilda was 5 months.


New year and new…….


Well I have been bad in blogging. Last post was in July 2008. I have to change that.

New things had happened here. We have a new dog: Hilda. You can read more about her on her site.

Hilda had been on 4 puppy  shows and have become BOS, BOB, BIS2 and 2 Best Bitch.våler 1

Photo: Beathe Schultz

And Puma has been on 4 shows andgot 2 Honour Prive on 2 of them and 2nd Best Bitch with Certification on the 3rd. Now she will compete about the Norwegian Championship.

Tascha has been on2 shows and became 2nd Best Bitch and BOS, both with Certification.




And Ischma have been on 2 shows and became BOS with Certification;) Her very first.

DSC_0091_editedPhoto: Vibeke Diseth


My cousin was here visiting us. With her she had Bailey. Bailey was playing with all our dogs and had a lot of fun.

3 pictures

There havn’t happen much lately. Nothing to be honest. Here is 3 pictures of Puma and Whilma.

Ain’t Whilma cute?

The best way to sleep….

My room

This summer is has been unbelieveable hot. I decided to move downstairs to the basement, with the dogs. It is cooler and we could sleep in the night without melting.

We did have in plans to paint my room. We started to pluck down the wallpaper. The blue wallpaper was easy to pluck off, but under it it was a red terrible wallpaper. You don’t know how awful it was. You see some pictures here:

This is the first one. Not to bad actually, but it was falling off and that didn’t look very nice.

This one was under the blue one. It is awful.

Here we have removed the wallpaper. Ready to get painted.

What color and how it looks like after the painting, I’ll tell you later;)

Mums livingroom

My mum decided to lay a new floor on her living room. She had a wall-to-wall carpet. It wasn’t very nice so she wanted a new floor. A floor that was easier to clean.

The carpet before we removed it.

After removing the carpet. Nice?:P

And this is how it looks now.

Dog show

Finally I’m back. Havnt bloged for ages. Got to do something about that.

This weekend there was a dog show close to where we live.  I had enteren 4 dogs in the dog show; Tascha, Dibah, Puma and Ischma. I pulled Dibah cus of her period.

Saturday: Tascha became 2nd Best Bitch with her 4th certification. The judge was Rajko Rotner. He had this to say about Tascha:

Exc type. Good expr. Nice head. Exc builded body. Chest well developed. Exc front. Exc ang and moving. Exc representated.

Ischma became number 3 in juniorclass. The judge was Knut Fr Blütecher. He said this about Ischma:

Fem junior bitch on 13 months. A bit small. Fem good head. Exc expr. Small nice ears. Good neck. Good topline. Normal ang in front and behind. A bit high tail fast. Prima depth in body, but wish a bit more developed ribbs. Okey moves from the side. Stabil in front and behind. Nice fur and feets. Wish more weight.

Puma became number 2 in junior class for Knut Fr Blüetcher. He said this about her:

Longlined junior bitch on 9 mnth. G head and expr. A bit big ears. G neck for her age. Prima depth. Very nice underline. Very flat topline. Harmonious ang in front and behind. Very fallen in the croup. G moves from the side for her age, but unstable in front. Prima blac fur. G legs and feets.

On Saturday we showed up once again.

Tascha became BOB and BOG with her 5th certification. The judge was Ver Hubenthal, and she said this about Tascha:

Fem head. Could have a bit more marked stop. Ecx neck. Well dev body. Corr croup. G legs and ang. Moves very well. G pigmentation. OK spots. exc temp.

Puma became 2nd Best Bitch with certification for Brith Schoene Brodwall. This is what she said about Puma:

Avery promisinhg young lady. Beautiful head with nice expr. Nice ears. Well ang and well builded body. Beautiful siluet and topline. Elegant moves from the side. A bit unstable in front. g fur and temp.

Ischma became 3rd Best Bitch with cert quality for the same judge. This is what the judge said:

A very promising young lady. Beautiful head with a nice expr and nice ears. Well ang and well builded body. Nice topline. Elegant moves from the side. Nice fur and temp.

This was a very nice weekend for us. Still celebrating;) Here comes some pics from the weekend.